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Great news for zoadictos ...

Fusion Media, ideas, enthusiasm and knowledge a new project in the hands of Aqua Artistic Productions SL and Isaac Gomez Serrano (Titigomez) consisting be referenced nationally and internationally as one of the leading companies in the sector is born zoanthus palythoas and rare collectibles.
Our goal is to offer all fans the best and most varied range of zoanthus, for which we have no hesitation in traveling to select our own animals and perform different origin imports, and of course, we will also have all kinds of zoanthus of collection of own crop.
Today we stand before you, but our work started several months ago, doing different origin imports and rest in our quarantine facility, and soon we will reach more than other locations. For you will have a large and wide variety of zoanthus internationally, it will continue to grow with the addition of new specimens in our relentless pursuit of new varieties.
To carry out this project in spare no means to put at your disposal zoanthus quality, properly quarantined and sent properly. Although it sounds like a cliché, all animals carry a strict quarantine protocol since coming home until they are able to be marketed in our specific applications.
I soon we will expand and specifying the information that we advance today. We hope this initiative is to your liking and that excites you as much as ourselves.
Thank you very much for your attention, we are here ...

Isaac Gómez (Titigomez)
June 10, 2015

Selection varieties


Our goal is to provide top quality amateur and animals and conditioners, focusing our activity in promoting the maintenance of our tanks responsible for sustainable methods.
We want the fan is 100% satisfied with your purchase, putting our knowledge and services available to provide the help you may need.

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