WWC Twizzlers vs Candy Crush

WWC Twizzlers vs Candy Crush

Hi everybody,

WWC Twizzlers and Candy Crush, also called Cherry Sours, two brothers morphs.
The main difference lies in the lashes, deep red to Twizzlers and smoother green for CandyCrush.

Both come from the coasts of Japan and Taiwan. Zoas of medium difficulty, are perfectly adapted to different conditions in the aquarium. In the case of Candy crash it is important to keep under intense light to maintain a nice green lashes.

Both support nice fraged, medium / fast growth.

For information purposes, it is important to know that also in the Aussie coast there are morphs very similar to Candy Crash Twizzlers, and in fact it is sometimes difficult to differentiate if you do not know very well, his drawing (pattern) is very similar, but have a very different morphology, smaller polyps, flatter and more like a Microzoa growth. We try to upload a picture in the coming days.

Finally say that both are now available in the 'cut to order' on our web www.masquezoas.com

Tx for the attention. Regards!!

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